Parus Grow White – PFL

Our Living Wall Series is customised and is developed for the work & lifestyle market. It has a visual white spectrum with all the benefits of our regular grow spectrums. It is perfect for living walls, urban jungles and other indoor plants. It can also be built into furniture. It comes standard water resistant (IP65), but it can optionally be delivered waterproof. Price includes a remote dimmer and adapter for 1 light! Please enquire for large orders.

UL 8800, UL 1598 Wet Location, DLC

GrowWhite spectrum

4 standard sizes, spectrum: GrowWhite

  1. 600mm: Power in Watt: 20, PPF in µmol/s: 60
  2. 900mm: Power in Watt: 30, PPF in µmol/s: 90
  3. 1200mm: Power in Watt: 40, PPF in µmol/s: 120
  4. 1500mm: Power in Watt: 50, PPF in µmol/s: 150
IP67: Optional

The GrowWhite spectrum used for the Living Wall Series balances between the ultimate evaporation and photosynthesis while keeping the plant vegetative and generative growth conditions as close to nature as possible. The lights made the visual white spectrum as efficient as possible by lowering the yellow green to an acceptable range.