Lighting: LivePicture S (Track)

A successful installation of dependent on the availability of light at the location. Not all locations have sufficient light while plant growth is depended on the so called daylight spectrum. Our light fittings are specially developed to simulate and emulate natural daylight. These can be surface-mounted or recess-fitted. These LED fixtures have full spectrum colour rendering and are available in various light intensities. The luminaries (lighting units) are suitable for mounting on or fixing into ceilings and are equipped with energy-saving long-life LEDs. The LED lights are also dimmable to allow the user to select suitable brightness levels for all products.

  • Plants need full-spectrum light
  • 1000 – 2000 lux
  • 10 hours per day
  • It may be necessary to make a lighting calculation

Suitable for the LivePicture (Small), this full spectrum living wall lighting pack includes:

1m 3-Phase Track white / black / grey

Starter white / black / grey

End Cap white / black / grey

2 Mounting Block’s white / black / grey

Track 27W On / Off

  • Bulb colours available from warm to natural white; 2700k, 3000k, 3500k and 4000k
  • Excellent replication of natural light temperatures
  • Adjustable luminaire with a 3-phase track (surface-mounted)
  • 350° horizontally rotatable and vertically 90° adjustable (surface-mounted)
  • Easy to attach to ceiling systems (surface-mounted)
  • Can be suspended with suspension fitting (surface-mounted)
  • Lens and reflector options available to group or spread the light beam
  • Luminaires available in white, silver grey and black
  • Luminaires can be dimmed (Bluetooth)