Living Event Wall

This living green wall is made for events, exhibitions, and show hire, as their lightweight design enables quick installation and removal.

• Suitable for short term and long term lease
• Branded with company logo
• Customised edging/framing options
• Freestanding

Clear dates

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Our Event Living Wall makes a statement at your next event. Our stunning green display features lush plants for full coverage, designed with sustainability in mind. Choose from sleek black, white, silver, or natural wood finishes to complement any décor, and leave a lasting impression on your guests.

Ideal for events, exhibitions, weddings, parties, and more, this low-maintenance leased living wall is the perfect solution for adding a touch of nature to any indoor or outdoor space. Elevate your event with the beauty and eco-friendliness of our sustainable green wall.

Number of plants:

S: Upto 160

M: Upto 240

L: Upto 320

XL: Upto 400


Our freestanding structures including our framework, uses a lightweight, modular system with countless reusability. The logo and branding for our living walls are always produced using the most sustainable and current printing and exhibition materials available, some of which already are C2C accredited. For example, using PVC free Vinyl and Green Cast Acrylic, we are conscious of what we are offering. Our aftercare packages allow clients to commit further to the circular economy through permanent installations after events, and by taking the logos for their office/meeting spaces.

We have developed a range of standard designs and sizes for our living wall products and although we will take on bespoke projects, we want to encourage leasing these so that we can minimise wastage and the purchase of more materials.

Our prices are based on a maximum of 5 day lease because of the sensitivity of the plants and the system itself. Over a longer period, we offer maintenance to upkeep all aspects of the wall. Over the summer period, we would recommend twice a week for us to come out after the 5 days in case of adverse weather conditions (such as a heatwave). One of our horticultural experts would also be involved in the process, to ensure we select the right plants for the venue/location.

  • The perfect real green wall backdrop
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Improved health and well-being by the absorption of toxic chemical elements and re-oxygenation of spaces.
  • Increased productivity, concentration, alertness and motivation
  • Air purification – Improving health, reducing illness and stress
  • Acoustic and insulation benefits
  • No plastic, no landfill