Green Screen: Elaeagnus Ebbingei


The green screen consists of a steel grid, densely intertwined with climbing plants. The plants are supplied in a coconut fibre root container filled with potting soil, with a strong metal frame. The coconut planter is a mixture of coconut fibres (coir), held together by natural latex. Once the green screen is installed, the biodegradable coconut planter completely degrades within one to two years. This system allows the full, healthy development of the hedge and its root system. The ready-made living Green Screens can be installed all year round, however avoid planting during a prolonged frost.

PRIVACY SOLUTION: Get instant privacy with Mobilane’s pre-grown green screens.

BIODEGRADABLE POTS: Plants are planted in compost in biodegradable pots that degrade in 1-2 years.

YEAR-ROUND PLANTING: Green screens can be planted except during frost.

VARIETY OF TYPES: Choose from a variety of plant types, colours, and heights.

MULTIPLE USES: Can be used as room dividers, garden rooms, terraces, swimming pools, or to hide bins or refuse areas.

EASY INSTALLATION: Attach to iron or wooden supports with specially designed brackets. Ideal for balconies when planted in wooden containers. Installation of a green screen may require anchoring (posts and brackets) and accessories (grid extensions, gates).

The green screens require soil rich in humus, suitable for planting shrubs. The trench must be at least 40 cm deep. The soil should be water-permeable, with good surface water drainage. The soil should be free of debris, impermeable clay layers, etc. If the soil is not rich in humus, a good quality compost should be added. Careful preparation of the soil is essential for the hedge to grow.


The ready-made Green Screen is available in various height options: 1, 1.55, 1.8, 2, 2.2 and 3 metres. All screens are supplied 1.2 metres wide as standard. Every plant variety has its own unique features and all green screens are perennials.

Coconut fibre container: The coconut fibre container consists of coconut fibre held together by natural latex. This container is made from 100% biological material and is 100% degradable.

Steel grid and brackets: : The Mobilane Green Screen consists of a galvanised steel grid that is 100% recyclable. The brackets for the wooden posts are made from galvanised iron. The brackets for the metal posts are galvanised and are green coated, both fully recyclable.

Hardwood posts and planters: The hardwood planters and posts for the Mobilane Green Screen comply with the European Timber Regulation. Every operator who puts timber or timber products on the European market must meet the requirements of the regulation. The regulation restricts bringing illegally harvested wood on the market.

Planting: The Mobilane Green Screens are grown at the Dartplant production site under the “On the way to PlantProof” certification. This independent certification proves that the plants for the Mobilane Green Screen have been produced more sustainably and are therefore a better choice for nature, climate and animals.

For a beautiful, dense hedge, aftercare during the first 2 years after planting the hedge is needed. Depending on the season of planting, fertilisation according to the season should be applied.


During the first year after planting, regular watering is advised (on average 10 litres per linear metre in the dry period approximately 3-4 times a week).

It is also important to provide water a couple of times a year, especially in hot periods in the spring and summer, but also in dry periods during other seasons.


In the year of planting, it is recommended to not prune the hedge. Long branches can be twisted into the metal grid. If holes appear in the hedges, pruning the top is desirable which promotes the emergence of dormant buds. In addition, it is desired to prune once or twice a year to keep a nice neat hedge. The best pruning months are April/May and September/October.

  • Instant privacy and greenery result
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Biodiversity gain
  • Contributes to a healthy environment
  • Improves air quality
  • Reduces fine dust with 40 – 60%
  • Urban Greening
  • Fully pre-grown
  • Different heights and sizes available 
  • Certified sustainable production
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High-quality fencing with 10-year guarantee
  • Biodegradable pot made of coconut fibres

A pre-grown ivy green screen suitable for:

  • Outdoor
  • Public Open Spaces
  • Garden
  • Balcony
  • School
  • University 
  • Hospitality 
  • Office