Green MobiRoof Eco – Set of 4


MobiRoof ECO is a pre-made, eco-friendly green roof system that features plant cassettes filled with substrate and 6-8 different types of Sedum. Ideal for flat roofs and those with a slope angle up to 20% (10 degrees), this extensive system is movable and made of recycled materials. Cassettes are locally pre-grown with cuttings from our own nursery, offering a water retention capacity of 20 litres per m². To increase the water buffer, a buffer layer can be added, making the MobiRoof ECO eligible for subsidies and tax benefits.

The unique lightweight cassette system is planted with different types of sedum plants and equipped with a substrate that, in addition to the function of growth medium, ensures drainage and storage of water. Additionally, the cassettes can also be replaced. This allows the sedum roof to be designed according to your requirements. 

MobiRoof ECO is a circular green roof system. The cassette is made of recycled material and fully recyclable. This reduces environmental pressure and reduces waste flow. The cassettes are pre-grown locally with cuttings from Mobilane’s nursery.

The plants improve air quality through CO2 reduction as well as capturing fine particles. UV rays no longer reach the underlying roof, which considerably extends the lifespan of the roofing material. The sedum cassettes also protect the roof against the effects of weather and help store rainwater.


The external measurements of the cassettes are 50 x 50 x 6 cm (=0.25 m²). 4 cassettes therefore fit into 1 m².


MobiRoof weighs approximately 38 kg per m² when dry and approximately 58 kg per m² when completely saturated with water

The cassette is made of regenerated non-toxic polypropylene (PP) produced in the Netherlands.


The vegetation layer consists of a mixture of various types of pre cultivated Sedum (including album, spurium and reflexum).


Gravel can be added around outer roof edges, roof windows, skylights and drainage piping for example, to stimulate the micro-climate and prevent wind reaching under the cassettes.

The outer edges of the roof and around skylights and drain pipes, for example, should be finished with gravel in order to enhance the microclimate and prevent wind from getting under the cassettes.If used on roofs with steeper slopes, the system should then be anchored using, for example, an L profile. If root-suppressant roofing is not used on the roof, a root-suppressant breather membrane should be applied before installation

Maintenance work is required once or twice a year, as follows:

  • General checks
  • Fertilisation in the spring using sedum fertiliser
  • Dead-heading flowers, usually from mid-September. Fine cuttings may remain on the roof, but larger cuttings should be removed.


Apply root-resistant permeable sheeting on the roof before installing the cassettes when the roofing does not include a root-resistant layer.


Under extreme drought conditions (> 4 weeks) irrigation is recommended.

  • Collection and buffering of rainwater
  • Stimulates biodiversity
  • Insulating and sound-absorbing effect
  • Extends the life of the roof
  • Aesthetic value
  • Increases the value of real estate
  • Increased efficiency of solar panels
  • Eligible for subsidies and tax breaks
  • Ready-to-use cassette with substrate and sedum plants
  • Lightweight green roof system
  • Ready for use as roof cover
  • Easy to install and replace
  • Water retention of 20 litres per m2 (optional 30 litre per m2)
  • Sustainably and locally produced
  • Circular, recycled and fully recyclable
  • Low maintenance
  • Can be used on both flat and slightly sloping roofs